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Originally published in spanish on Wednesday 21st October 2009

How absurd it is to write a text to explain a space! – said the mole with anger.

Yes, but it is also absurd to make a space to show a text - said the marmot in a reflexive tone.

If that is absurd, then we all live in the very absurd - said the grasshopper ironically.

Of course!, that's why we all say absurd things - answered the porcupine with understanding.

The koala who was very different from everyone else, continued eating corn without stoping by to think why he did it, at the end of his delicious but extravagant dinner he addressed to all of them and said: "Nothing is absurd since nothing is logical."
And the butterfly who was very happy of beign a butterfly thought about the things that the koala had said and she knew no longer if she was herself or she was Zhuang Zi dreaming being her.

Zhuang Zi on his side, didn't know either.

And I thought of creating a chlorophyllous image that would fusion me with your hairy, dark and ephemeral spirit.


"Once, Zhuang Zhou
dreamed he was a butterfly.

What fun he had, doing as he pleased!.
He did not know he was Zhou.
suddenly he woke up and found to be Zhou.
He did not know whether Zhou had dreamed he was a butterfly or a butterfly had dreamed he was Zhou.
Between Zhou and butterfly there must be some distinction.
This is what is meant by the transformation of things [beings]."

[Internal Chapters of the Zhuang Zi, Cap. II VII, Pag. 64]

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