lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

About what is beautiful and ugly

The other day I was talking with somebody about what is pleasant and what is unpleasant to the eyes, about what is beautiful and what is ugly. It was not a profound discussion, it was more a couple of comments that did not go further, but instead leaved an idea on my head along with a feeling of displeasure that lasted for all these days and which I did not know how to present very well.

How can we talk about something beautiful or something ugly, if we all do not see the same things? to me, in essence everything should be beautiful for the only one reason of being, although I have to accept that the criminals that we see daily on the news, are not just ugly but terribly hideous, not mentioning all the people that scare me on the streets or all the people who have badly attacked me. But probably their moms, wifes, husbands, maybe sons or brothers, think they are beautiful.

I though this was a very complicated topic and it remains me of a Colombian popular saying that says no one is a golden coin to be liked by everyone. I wonder if even golden coins are liked by everyone, I believe they are not.

I ask myself how is it that we can talk about beautiful and ugly things with such property, well, now I see a rather simple answer and is that it is a matter of taste.

For example, I believe that writing my thoughts and share them through the internet is beautiful, because I know that they might be liked by someone too; instead, I believe that not sharing what I think and living with the uncertainty of what other people may ever think is ugly.

I don't want to exceed myself in a discussion about what the truthful truth should be, because I consider it extremely exhausting and I don't like to wear out the ideas and mark them with an owner, again is a matter of taste... what I do want to do is to build a new little path on my brain that connects two important concepts: taste with respect.

I write it down in this way since I think that if we stay fixed in the taste, it's like having a ticket for saying and doing whatever we like to with the excuse that it is only what I think, but this is no longer valid when i hurt someone in a physical or in a moral way.

I tell you that I consider that the way of thinking of our Colombian indigenous is beautiful, they say:

"Nadie podrá llevar por encima de su corazón a nadie, ni hacerle mal en su persona, aunque piense y diga diferente"

In English, sorry for the translation

"No one could take over his heart to anyone, nor harm him on his person, even though he thinks or says differently."

This phrase changed the way I perceived my world in a 100% since the very first time that I read it and assumed it.

I take the art in my soul and I want to use it to make the world prettier and happier, to become a better person and to trascend.

¿What about you?

Thank you for reading me :)

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